Therapy in English

 „I am not what happened to me,
I am what I choose to become.”
Carl Gustav Jung

About me

My name is Malwina Hunczak. I am a psychologist and psychotherapist during certification process in Wroclawska Fundacja Ochrony Zdrowia Psychicznego i Rozwoju Psychoterapii. Psychology, psychotherapy and personal development are my main interests, both in private and professional life. I am an author of two psychological books in the field of perfectionism, procrastination, self-compassion and acceptance. I provide individual therapy/ counseling within my private practice in Wroclaw.

I speak English, so you’ll be able to communicate freely what needs to be expressed. I work within integrative oriented model which means I take benefit from different theories and methods. I truly believe a blend of approaches is the most effective form of counseling. The main type of my work is psychodynamic therapy however other approaches i.e. cognitive behavioral or humanistic existential therapies are very helpful for me as well.

What happens in a psychotherapy session?

Therapy is in great deal a conversation. Sessions are generally held at the same time and place each week and last around 50 minutes. You share what is worrying you, and are listened to in a way that helps you understand yourself and your situation better. The aim of psychotherapy is to help you deal more effectively with your past and present challenges and make decisions for your future that enhance your wellbeing. Your therapist will not judge you or tell you what to do, but will simply work to understand you and then ask useful questions that help you explore things further.

If you need support, feel down or stuck, have difficulties coping with your life or work issues, relationship related or otherwise, if you feel lost or just in need of someone who could help out, maybe a meeting with a professional psychologist and psychotherapist is something you might consider.

The cost of one 50-min individual session of therapy or counseling in English is 240 PLN.

My areas of work

  • depression, fear, stress, anxiety,
  • emotional disorders,
  • low self-confidence and low self-esteem,
  • family related and work related issues and conflicts,
  • eating disorders,
  • abuses and traumas,
  • neurosis,
  • dealing with persistent and difficult emotions or moods,
  • lack of motivation,
  • loss and bereavement,
  • coping with stress,
  • perfectionism and procrastination,
  • personality disorders,
  • communication problems,
  • lack of meaning,
  • search for creativity and strengths,
  • difficulties in relationships, loneliness, insecurity.